Audit Commission: Greenwich among worst for Social Care, the Environment, Culture and Housing

The publication of the 2007 Comprehensive Performance Assessment results this week show how Greenwich is doing relative to other Councils nationally.

The statement that Greenwich is among the top 83% with its 3* rating for overall services and among the top 75% who are improving well or strongly seems fairly meaningless, but the comparisons of individual services reveal serious weaknesses in Greenwich’s provision. Greenwich received low scores for Social Care (adults) and the Environment – where it is among the worst 28 Councils out of 150 nationally. Similarly for Housing (in the worst 33) or Culture (in the worst third) Greenwich scores poorly.

Greenwich was top rated only for Use of Resources and Benefits.

Greenwich Conservatives leader Councillor Spencer Drury said “The publication of these national results show how hollow Labour’s boasts of excellence in Greenwich are. It is true we are not among the worst overall, but we are definitely not among the best. Indeed in key areas like Social Care, the Environment and Housing, which have a real impact on the quality of life of residents, Greenwich scores poorly.”

“The facts are that none of the top London Councils are run by Labour and 60% are Conservative. Only Conservative Councils consistently deliver good services and value for residents.”