Council considers future of the Well Hall Pleasaunce

On Tuesday night (22nd January 2008) the Council’s Cabinet Committee considered a report concerning the future of the Well Hall Pleasaunce. The vast majority of the report was heard in confidential, private sessions, but a small part of it was discussed in public.

The report concerned premises in the Pleasaunce which is currently run by a small private company under a lease. The company are attempting to sell the lease on and the Council taking this opportunity to review its options.

The main options are:-

* Try to improve the current situation by adding extra stipulations to the lease which would apply to the new tenants.
* The Council could refuse to grant consent for the change of owner, however, the existing tenants may be able to stop this by going to court.
* The Council could make an offer for the current tenants to surrender the lease.

The Chairman of the Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce Sue King and Cllr Spencer Drury spoke at the meeting.

Other items heard at the meeting included the write off of more than £10,000 of debts owed to the Council, the increase in membership of the School Forum (although obviously no Conservatives will be allowed) and a variety of responses to petitions.