Response to width restriction postponed

On Tuesday (8th January) the Council's Cabinet Committee was supposed to decide on an official response to the petition by residents of Archery Road requesting a width restriction at the end of Glenlea Road; however the decision was taken by the two member Committee to postpone the decision, probably until early February.

The decision to postpone a response was taken following contact between Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury and the lead petitioner and Archery Road resident Bob Gillespie.  Mr Gillespie confirmed that he had not received notice of the meeting or a copy of the report written by officers considering the proposal to introduce a width restriction.  Spencer explained the situation to the Cabinet Committee officer prior to the meeting and she confirmed that there had been no contact from any of the petitioners for the five petitions on the agenda - Mr Gillespie's email confirmed her worst suspicions and so she advised Cllr Brooks that postponing the petitions to another date might be appropriate.  As Chairman, Cllr Brooks took this advice, suggesting that maybe the postal system over Christmas had not facilitated the delivery of the right paperwork to petitioners.

Spencer said "I am grateful to the Cabinet Committee for delaying the response until the main petitioners on Archery Road have been informed and can hopefully attend the meeting.  I have also asked officers to try to ensure that the width restriction petition is bought back to Cabinet Committee at the same time as the one requesting traffic calming measures for Archery Road, as I feel that a co-ordinated response to these two different (but related issues) would be appropriate."

Cabinet Committee also considered the transfer of the Woolwich Ferry operation to Transport for London and the construction of a new vicarage to replace one near to Plumstead Manor School on Tuesday evening.