Council ignores Archery Road residents’ petition

Following the presentation of two petitions from the residents of Archery Road to full Council in October, the Mercury featured the story in an article last week (

The story detailed the situation and the residents wish for some sort of traffic calming measures. It included a comment from the Cabinet Member for Transport, which concluded with "The results of this speed survey, combined with the good accident history, do not classify Archery Road as a priority ahead of other areas of the borough which have a worse accident record."

In response, Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury has written to the Mercury to clarify two points:-

v The speed survey that the Council referred to in the article was situated just short of the corner at the bottom of Archery Road, meaning that the fact 15% of cars were travelling at over 30mph reflects substantial speeding, not an acceptable scenario.

v Cllr Brooks seemed to be pre-judging officers’ report on the petition which was presented at Council, which may suggest that the Council is not listening to residents when they express clearly and publicly their concerns about potential speed problems in their area.

Spencer concluded “The article contained a very disappointing response from the Council and I hope that when it goes before the Cabinet Committee we will receive a fair hearing based on the arguments and residents experiences.”