Conservatives collect petition for Red Lion Lane

Conservatives led by Chairman of Shooters Hill Ward Phil Hendren, Eltham Prospective Parliamentary Candidate David Gold and Council Group Leader Spencer Drury (pictured) today collected a petition along Red Lion Lane requesting that the Council introduce one way traffic along the northern part of the road.

Two weeks ago Conservatives sought Shooters Hill residents’ views about issues that concerned them and alongside crime, education and the changing regime for bin collection, the residents of Red Lion Lane mentioned that there were regular confrontations due to congestion along their road. Conservatives promised to respond to this situation and collect a petition which could be presented at Council.

Council Group leader Spencer Drury said “If we do pick up an issue like this, I think it is vital we respond to residents concerns. Many people are rightly distrustful of politics and politicians and if we can do something relatively simple to improve their lives, it makes the process seem more relevant and worthwhile.”

Spencer continued “We are aware that attempts have been made to make this stretch of the road one-way before, however, with the new development opening at the end of the road in the future, it seemed that now is the time to address the issue before it becomes any worse. I hope that the Council will listen to the views of residents and act appropriately.”