Phone mast for Westmount Road rejected

T-mobile’s latest appeal to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate to accept their proposal for a telephone mast at the junction of Glenlea and Westmount Roads has been dismissed (November 20th 2007).

The Inspector, who visited the site on October 15th, judged that “although the pole would not be overly obtrusive, the size and location of the primary equipment cabinet…visible for some distance….would be an obtrusive feature.” Further, she believed that the “planted area at that junction would become an unsightly and cluttered refuge for street furniture.” Indeed, this is how local people felt, too.

Residents living in the immediate area will know that the Eltham Park Residents’ Association and Cllr Dermot Poston wrote on their behalf back in the summer with detailed objections to T-mobile’s plans. Local democracy seems to be working!