Archery Road parking raised at full Council

On Wednesday (31st October), at the first full Council meeting to take place for 4 months, Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury raised various issue relating to traffic around the Eltham Centre and parking on Archery Road.

The Council meeting also contained reports on £8m of cuts, being proposed by the Labour administration as Greenwich faces grant reductions from central government, some minor changes to the constitution and two Conservative motions (one on the John Roan School and the other on respect for our armed forces).

Spencer raised the problems around the Eltham Centre as part of Members’ Questions, which meant that the Cabinet Member responsible was obliged to give a written response on the night. Subsequently, supplementary questions can be asked, but these do not receive written answers, although transcripts may be obtained.

The first question asked is shown below and the others will be put on the site in the next few days.


31 OCTOBER 2007


12.    Question from Councillor Spencer Drury to Councillor Peter Brooks, Deputy Leader

Would the Cabinet Member for Transport arrange for an extension to the restricted hours for parking along Archery Road as residents already experience considerable difficulty in placing their cars near to their homes and this situation is likely to deteriorate once the Eltham Centre is opened?


Can I thank Councillor Drury for written notice of his question. A review of the Eltham Centre CPZ is programmed for May 2008 six months after opening of the Centre. Changes to hours of operation of the Zone will be included in the review.

Spencer did ask a supplementary on this question, asking that a residents survey be undertaken by Christmas and Cllr Brooks committed to examining his budget to see if resources would allow this.