Archery Road residents hold meeting with Councillor

On Wednesday last week (17th October) residents of Archery Road met with Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury to express their concerns at the on-going traffic problems on their road. Residents were unanimous in their calls for speed humps to be installed along Archery Road and for a width restriction to be positioned at the end of Glenlea Road to prevent larger vehicles from using their road.

The core of the problems was the excessive speed of cars using Archery Road, which was placing residents and their children at serious risk of injury. It was felt that children using Eltham Church of England Primary School were in danger as cars were not going slowly enough when approaching their main crossing point at the top of the road. Other related issues concerned the way coaches and lorries used the road despite the fact that with cars parked on both sides, it is not really appropriate for large vehicles and the difficulty in parking outside ones own house.

Residents were also very concerned about the impact the new Eltham Centre was likely to have when it opened, especially now that it appeared that the Controlled Parking Zone introduced around it would require either a parking permit or payment at a meter. It was suggested that the review of the temporary traffic order which was to be implemented around the centre would be reviewed after six months and this may provide a conduit for some issues to be addressed, but residents felt that the consultation for the initial CPZ around the centre had been incomplete (it had not covered the whole road) and had little confidence that waiting was either appropriate in the face of mounting problems or would be productive.

Councillor Spencer Drury promised to consult with other Eltham North Councillors over the exact wording for at least one petition to be handed to the Council at the end of the month and to speak to the traffic engineer for the area. By the end of the week, Spencer had done both these things and it is expected two petitions will be handed to Council on Wednesday 31st October regarding the main issues – the Council is obliged to reply to these documents and the Labour Cabinet members will have the opportunity to sort out the problems in the near future. In addition, Spencer will ask the following written questions at Council which will require a formal answer from the Deputy Leader of the Council.

  • Would the Cabinet Member for Transport arrange for an extension to the restricted hours for parking along Archery Road as residents already experience considerable difficulty in placing their cars near to their homes and this situation is likely to deteriorate once the Eltham Centre is opened?
  • How many primary schools have been around the borough are without some form of speed restrictions along their approach? In particular, how many schools do not have speed humps in the roads leading to them?