Conservatives win promise of improvements for Progress Hall

After continual pressure from Cllr Spencer Drury over the last six months, the Council has finally promised to carry out work on the Progress Hall this summer.

In November last year, Cllr Drury asked how much money had been allocated to maintain the Progress Hall and was told by the Council that they would spend around £13,000 within the next six to twelve months. When nothing happened, Cllr Drury asked the council in July this year again how much was planned in the budget, and was told that NO MONEY had been specifically allocated and less than £2,000 had been spent on emergency repair. After further questions, the cabinet member in charge promised to investigate.  Subsequently officers emailed Cllr Drury to say ‘Money had been identified for the Hall and work would be carried out this summer.’

Spencer says; “Labour were obviously hoping that no-one would notice their neglect of the Progress Hall and I will keep the pressure on until the promised work has been carried out.”