Conservatives stand up for Sowerby residents

Councillor Dermot Poston has been very concerned about recent anti-social behavour at Sowerby Close and, as residents there will know, he presented their petition to a full Council Meeting. One really troublesome resident was evicted as a result. The problems at Sowerby have ranged from misuse of alcohol and drugs through to criminal damage and verbal abuse.

At an earlier Council Meeting, Dermot Poston presented a petition signed by residents about the defective hot-air central heating system which has been so bad for asthma sufferers. As a result a new system is now being installed.

At a meeting of the Eltham Housing Panel, he complained about the fact that some of the Sowerby public areas look dirty. Indeed, he agreed at the meeting with Stuart Blakely, one of the Reps, that when the building work connected with the central heating replacement is completed, all blocks and surrounding ares should be cleaned.

Originally, Sowerby Close was reserved for the over-fifties but this is no longer the Labour Council's policy and a very settled community has lost much of its feeling of togetherness."