Update on Castlewood Reservoir work

Residents will have noticed at the start of June that Westmount Road has been partially blocked off to allow work on pipes under the road. The purpose of this work is to allow the new, larger reservoir to quickly drain off excess water, which means that a new pipe is required connecting the reservoir to a wastewater sewer further along Westmount Road.  It is our understanding that the work is expected to last about 3 months.

With regard to the work on Castlewood Reservoir, work is on schedule and anyone who walks in the woods near the site can see how much has been done. Thames Water have informed Cllr Drury that the new inlet, outlet and overflow pipework has been constructed and the old reservoir structure substantially demolished. In addition, the (17m deep) piled retaining wall has been installed along the eastern boundary to stabilise the site and excavation for the new reservoir will start shortly once ground anchors have been drilled to give additional strength to the retaining wall.

Construction of the new reservoir is due to be completed by Christmas 2008.