Labour Councillor talks nonsense?

Often the claim that a politician is talking nonsense is merely an expression of derision for their views. Greenwich Conservatives hope that this is not an accusation that will be levelled at us in this particular case.   Below is the speech made by a Labour Councillor during the recent debate on the Blackwall Tunnel tidal flow (contra-flow) system. The Opposition proposed a motion suggesting that the Council should work to have the safety issues resolved so that the tidal flow could be reinstated. The Labour Council amended the motion to suggest they believed the closure of the tidal flow system was the only sensible option. In the debate, one Labour Cabinet Member made the following contribution:-   “Thank you Mr Mayor. I think I would like to say when Peter Brooks proposed this amendment he rather gave it a quite detailed factual statement by giving all the dates and the figures. I think that shows how honest this Council has been right from the beginning but under the circumstances I think we cannot accept it. That is the reason we are putting up this amendment. Another reason that I see, I have been thinking over, is every day in the newspaper, on the television, environmental impact and all those sort of things. I don’t think it is a rather fair thing to the members what are we going to do about this, environment obviously is an issue on this side. But, what I see people do something, say something else, but that is not on – we need to promote London Transport, we need to work out the other ways of communication on why we need to discourage the ………it is important we [hear] the change before we see anything else to follow.”   This is a verbatim account of his speech as presented to Greenwich Conservatives by Council staff from the tape recording - it has not been altered in any way.    We leave it for others to judge the meaning of this speech and whether is was a worthwhile contribution to the debate.