Conservatives force Council to fix water leak

Following questions from Conservative Shadow Cabinet Member for Greener Greenwich Cllr Graeme Coombes, the Labour Council has finally fixed the leak in the formal garden between Severndroog Castle and the Woodlands Café. 

At the June Council meeting, Cllr Coombes raised the issue of the leak which had led to the grass, the path immediately below the garden and the stream in the area below the leak becoming waterlogged.  This situation had gone unaddressed since February and despite Labour claiming they were dealing with it as a 'matter of urgency' nothing had been done.  At the Council meeting, Cllr Coombes suggested that Labour did not really understand the meaning of the word urgency.

Eltham North Councillor and someone who regularly walks his dog in the woods Spencer Drury said "I checked the area this morning and it appears that the leak has been fixed.  It has taken some time for the ground around to return to normal, which is welcome."

"It says something about the Council's neglect of our woodland that they are happy to simply fence a leak off until we raise it.  Only after Cllr Coombes brought it to full Council did they repair it after at least four months.  It simply is not good enough."