Comment: Keeping the Vandals at Bay

There has to be something wrong when our youngsters are only able to make their mark by disfiguring buildings and trees.  Many of the Eltham High Street shop-fronts have had costly damage done to them recently; and I have no doubt that those of you who enjoy our woods have been depressed at the way so many of our superb oaks have been vandalised.  Somehow mindless damage to trees in an ancient woodland profoundly touches one's spirit.

The graffiti team sent out by Greenwich Council do a really brilliant job, but if ever there was a council service that needed to be expanded it was this one.  We need to increase the number of park keepers too; if there were more of them seen to be about, the vandals might be held at bay.

Recently a section of the fence in Eltham Park South which separates the park from the Warren Golf Course was ripped down, placed against a tree and set alight.  Again, such acts are an indictment of how we are bringing up our young people; but better supervision of the park would provide a deterrent.

The Conservatives on Greenwich Council would increase substantially the amount they would spend on both services by reducing the amount spent on unnecessary publications which are often unread.