Councillors respond to Park Management Plans

This week Councillors Dermot Poston and Spencer Drury responded to the Council's Draft Management Plans for Eltham Park North and Eltham Park South (located either side of the A2).  The plans aim to summarise the historical and current situation in the parks and then outline plans for the future.

Both Councillors Poston and Drury discussed the plans with Terry Powley, the Chair of the Friends of Eltham Parks before responding.  Mr Powley will be responding formally on behalf of the Friends. 

Councillor Poston focused his comments upon correcting misunderstandings about the history of the park and how we arrived at the current situation.  Councillor Drury focused on the minutiae of the plans and how they could be improved e.g. through asking residents and users what they wanted to do with the derelict toilet block in Eltham Park North rather than simply demolishing it. 

The two Councillors laid out two clear points they wished addressed in the plans.  These were:-

  1. A clear commitment to either full-time park keepers for the parks or a minimum amount of time for maintenance. 
  2. A much improved programme of investment.  The changing rooms, grass courts and playground all required attention, but more importantly the investment needed to be planned rather than a response to decay or dereliction.

Councillor Spencer Drury said:

"We welcome the development of these plans and having the opportunity to comment on them while they are still in draft form.  We think that many of the maintenance and anti-social behaviour problems in the park would be addressed by having a permanent park-keeper presence.  In addition, we do not want to see a repeat of the situation with the Lido, which stood derelict for 15 years while the Council dithered only to be demolished once the Eltham Centre needed somewhere to deposit its rubbish."

"In regard of the Lido, I feel it worth commenting how much better the park looks now the corrugated iron fencing around the decaying building has been removed.  I was dismayed that the Council would not restore the Lido, but demolition appears to have been a better option than continuing to allow it to remain an eyesore next to a children's playground."

If any reader wishes to contribute their ideas for the management of Eltham Parks, please e-mail your Councillors at or  There will be a further consultation on the plans with users of the parks over the summer.