Cleansweep is not working!

Recent figures released by the Council show that Cleansweep is not working.

Eltham North Conservatives believe that the current system introduced 4 years ago by Labour is failing.  Cleansweep is supposed to clean the roads and get rid of the graffiti in addition to a range of other services like emptying the litter and dog waste bins.  The latest figures show that in March 4,234 km of roads should have been swept, but only 2,436 were – that is 58%.   

Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury said:

"Of course some areas are better than others and from an Eltham North point of view the worrying thing is that we are not the worst.  The Labour Council has focused its resources on ensuring Woolwich is clean and it does well on clean streets, but Eltham is twice as bad as Woolwich and Thamesmead & Plumstead more than 5 times worse." 

"The system is not working and needs to change so the people of this borough can have the services they deserve."