No to McDonalds late licence

On Saturday, Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury, accompanied by other Eltham North activists and the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham, David Gold collected 140 signatures on a petition objecting to an application by McDonalds for a late licence.

The application, by the fast food restaurant on Eltham High Street is for an extension to opening hours in the week (Sunday to Thursday) until 3am in the week, and 5am at weekends (Friday and Saturday).

Leader of the Conservative Group and Councillor for Eltham North, Spencer Drury does not want the application to go ahead.  Cllr Drury said:

"We expect to get still more names on the petition because residents do not need this on their door step.  It would be a fundamental change to the atmosphere of the area; we are basically a small town centre surrounded by residential housing which does not need any take away food outlet open all night. 

"I would ask who is going to go to this restaurant at 5.00 in the morning?  We have a police station next door that is closed and the nearest one is miles away, so the potential is there for increased disturbance to residents, for damage to the high street and a general increase in crime and disorder in the area.

"When I was last out canvassing there wasn't a single resident who I spoke to that said what they really needed was McDonalds to be open all night. 

"I don't want to see this happening in our High Street and I urge people to either sign our petition or write in and object."

Residents who wish to object to the application should write to:-

Yvonne Edwards

Greenwich Council

Trading Standards & Licensing

Community Safety and Enforcement

11th Floor

Riverside House

Woolwich High Street

London SE18 6DN

Any objections should reach the Council by 27th March 2007 at the latest if they are to be valid.  The objections must clearly mention the McDonalds (55-61 Eltham High Street) and should be clearly based around the Council's licensing objectives. These objectives are protection of children from harm, public safety, prevention of public nuisance and prevention of crime and disorder.