The Ministry of Truth comes to Woolwich

As a huge screen undergoes testing in General Gordon Square in Woolwich, Conservatives today drew comparisons between George Orwell’s picture of a totalitarian state and Greenwich Council’s policies.

  In his book “1984” Orwell describes the contrast between Victory Mansions, Winston’s apartment complex (which is dilapidated and rundown) and the sensational Ministry of Truth building which is a glittering white concrete pyramid showing the power of the party.  As Conservatives revealed last week, Labour have decided to abandon three Woolwich estates to rot (containing 1,000 homes in all) but at the same time the Council has negotiated a deal to allow it to broadcast on a new, huge screen in the revamped General Gordon Square and is spending millions rebuilding the Town Hall.  The screen has been erected for the Olympics and will be used partially by the Council prior to the 2012 Games and fully by Greenwich Council after that date.    Conservative Group Leader and Parliamentary Spokesman for Woolwich Cllr Spencer Drury said “I have complained long and hard that there will be no physical legacy from the Olympic Games coming to Greenwich and I now discover this is not entirely true – this screen means I could watch Chris Roberts at three or four times life size as he tells me how great Greenwich Council is.    “There will be no improved sporting facilities, but the Council will have a brand new building and its own massive screen with which to push out its propaganda.   “I am quite sure the people of this borough would rather have more doctors, better schools and properly maintained council houses rather than this expenditure on yet more propaganda.  If the Labour Party put half as much effort into looking after residents as it does pushing out its version of the truth, I have little doubt that things in this borough would improve.   “As Orwell would say “Ignorance is strength” – Labour-run Greenwich Council would surely agree!”