Boris says respect Greenwich Park

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has responded to residents concerned about the use of Greenwich Park for the Olympic equestrian events. 
In a letter to Greenwich Conservatives, who have been lobbying him to take note of the strong local feeling on the issue, the Mayor said,  "Understandably local residents will have questions about the use of the Park.  I am personally determined that the hosting of the equestrian events does not result in lengthy closures and that the ecology and historic nature of the area is respected.  I hope that you and your colleagues will continue to liase with the London Organising Committee on a regular basis to ensure that all concerns are adequately addressed"
Greenwich Conservatives' spokesman for Culture and Olympics, Cllr Nigel Fletcher, who wrote to the Mayor on the issue, welcomed his response.  Councillor Fletcher said, "I'm glad Boris is taking local people's concerns about the use of the Park for the Olympic Games seriously.  People feel the Labour Council is ignoring local opinion and taking a "gung-ho" approach to the plans.  Although we wholeheartedly support Greenwich's status as a host Borough for the Games, the plans must ensure the Park is not damaged, and that it is not closed to visitors for months."