Council Clipper Campaign Con

Conservatives in Greenwich revealed today that the Labour Council is misleading residents with its well publicised “Clipper Campaign”.


Labour’s multi-media campaign states:


“Our campaign is calling on the Mayor of London to:

v      integrate riverboat services into the Oystercard system as soon as possible

v      raise subsidy levels in line with those for buses and tubes

v      support proposals for more frequent services - every 10 minutes during peak hours”


However, in answer to questions tabled by Conservative London Assembly Member Gareth Bacon, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, made clear that Greenwich Council had not been in contact with TfL or himself over the Oystercard system, raising subsidy levels in line with tubes and buses or more frequent services. 


In answers to Gareth Bacon’s questions, the Mayor did confirm that once a price is agreed, the Oystercard system will be implemented on the riverboat services within six months, however this arrangement had nothing to do with Greenwich Council.

Leader of Greenwich Conservatives and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich, Councillor Spencer Drury said “I am curious what sort of campaign fails to contact the person or organisation which it is seeking to influence.  The Council is complaining because Boris hasn’t done something that it never asked him to do - this campaign is simply deceitful.

In fact, Boris is sorting out the Oyster card despite Greenwich’s lack of input.


 “While the aims of this campaign are worthy, it is a non-campaign.  I believe the campaign’s premise to “call on the Mayor of London” is a lie.  I think this is using  taxpayers money to improve the Labour Party’s reputation without any serious attempt to achieve what it claims to be campaigning for.


“Yet again Greenwich Council is using publicity to mislead the people who pay for its services.  This is playing politics with people’s lives and reveals the cynical heart of the Greenwich Labour Party.”