Community service for free travel abusers

Today, the Conservative Candidate for Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, won the backing of Greenwich and Lewisham GLA Candidate, Andy Jennings, for his new policy called 'Payback London' - a scheme whereby under-18's will have their bus passes permanently withdrawn for breaking the Behaviour Code and the only way to earn it back is to participate in Community Service. 

 At present, under-18s can travel on buses for free in London. This is a great investment and has provided welcome financial relief to parents across London. However, there are still problems with a minority of under-18s who abuse their privilege.  Following the introduction of free travel for under-18s the number of code red calls from bus drivers increased significantly.
Welcoming this new initiative from Boris Johnson, local Conservative, Andy Jennings said, “This is the sort of new vision the people of Greenwich want to see from their Mayor. Boris has come up with a practical solution to a real problem. While it is great that our Boroughs work together to help young people with free travel, abuse of this must be clamped down on.

“In the 53 and 286 Greenwich has two of the worst bus routes for anti-social behaviour in London. Those of us who use the buses should not feel threatened by youths. Making abusers of free travel do community service will give them a sense of community and encourage them to take more responsibility for their behaviour.”