Boris Johnson responds to Home Secretary

Yesterday Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said that she was too scared to walk the streets of London, yet again highlighting an issue that Boris Johnson has been talking about for many months. 27 teenagers were killed last year on the streets of London and yet Mayor Livingstone has said that neither he nor the Metropolitan Police Commissioner can solve the problem of gun and knife crime.


Boris says, "London needs leadership to deal with this growing problem rather than shrugging of shoulders or heads in the sand. We need positive action - a short, medium and long term strategy for getting us out of this mess. It is time we heard what will be done to make London safer.

"27 children were killed by other children last year on London's streets and we have seen more deaths since 2008 began. I have already set out a five point plan to tackle this growing problem. How many more families will lose children before we see action?"