New fares aren't fair

Commuters from some local railway stations have been hit with an inflation busting rise to the cost of their season tickets of up to one quarter. Whilst South Eastern Trains claim an average increase to regulated fares of 6.8%, some residents have found the cost of their daily travel to work has increased by 24.5%




Passengers from Maze Hill to London have seen the cost of their annual season ticket rise from £572 to £712 and those from Woolwich Arsenal have suffered an increase from £816 to £928. 

These increases are due to the introduction of zonal pricing for season tickets on the railway network which have seen fares fall at some other stations.

Cllr Andy Jennings, the Conservative candidate for Greenwich and Lewisham in the London Assembly elections, is unhappy that train users are being asked to dig deep yet again for a service that sees little improvement.

Andy said, “I am outraged that some passengers have seen an increase of nearly a quarter purely on the basis of some arbitrary zone drawn up by Transport for London.

“It is no comfort to residents of Maze Hill to hear that fares have decreased in Lewisham – despite the fact that they are the same distance down the track from London Bridge.

“Commuters are right to question why they have to pay through the nose when they can’t even get a seat – if their train was even running in the first place.

“I shall be urging Transport for London to think again about their zonal boundaries and press for a review to make our fares fairer.”