Stealth rises to Oyster fares

In October 2007, Ken Livingstone, the Labour Mayor of London promised Londoners that Oyster Pay as You Go (PAYG) fares would freeze in 2008. However, newly released Transport for London (TfL) figures show that the Mayor increased the cost of Oyster by stealth last year, and will so do again in 2008.


When Oyster was introduced, the Mayor set a 'daily cap' to ensure that those who made multiple journeys during the day didn't pay over a certain limit.

However in 2007, and for 2008, he has stealthily increased the ceiling on the daily cap, meaning the actual cost of Oyster pay as you go per day has risen at over double the rate of inflation.

This means that while the individual fares may have been frozen, the daily amount of money Londoners spend on Oyster PAYG will go up.

Typically, the Mayor has been reluctant to admit these stealth increases. In the last two official announcements he made on fares he did not tell Londoners that the caps would increase.