A New Year message from Boris Johnson

A New Year Message from Boris Johnson, Conservative candidate for London Mayor


"I want 2008 to be a year of change and improvement in London.

It is time for an end to the tragic series of gang-related stabbings and shootings that have cost the lives of 28 teenagers and which are spreading a pall of insecurity over too much of the city.

I want all Londoners to have the optimism and confidence that goes with increased safety on the streets, on the buses, at station platforms - and the sense of opportunity that comes with better transport and wonderful new housing.

All these things can now be better achieved if we put an end to the tired, divisive and cronyist regime of Ken Livingstone, where there is now an epidemic of wastefulness bordering on corruption.

It is time for a new administration that stops the bullying and the bossing, that stops mainlining fines from motorists, that gets on the side of the hard-pressed commuter and stops the grotesque abuse of taxpayers’ money.

It is time we gave London back to Londoners. Happy New Year”.