Eltham Centre parking concerns

At last weeks meeting of Greenwich Council, Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury raised various issues relating to parking and traffic around the new Eltham Centre development, due to open later this month.


 Cllr Drury first secured a commitment to review the Controlled Parking Zone arrangements around Archery Road in May 2008, and the deputy leader of the Council agreed to look at his budgets to see if a residents survey could be organised before Christmas.  This was prompted by concerns of residents in the area who already have problems parking their cars in the area, and the situation is likely to deteriorate once the Centre opens.


He then asked a question about where coaches would park after they dropped off sports teams at the new Centre only to be told by the cabinet member that there was no specific provision over and above alighting and boarding outside the building.


Spencer said, “This has been a long-running issue in the area and I have raised it with the officers involved in planning the Eltham Centre. I was assured that officers would find an appropriate parking place for the coaches as both Cllr Poston and I were concerned that yet more large vehicles would end up parking on local roads. I had hoped that a solution could be found which would also allow the coaches, which currently use Glenlea Road, to have somewhere else to park, as I know that the coach company has tried to find alternative drop off points on a number of occasions.


“I was genuinely shocked by the answer I received. It appears that the Council have put no thought into where the coaches may park and do not intend to do so for some time. What is the point of a