Greenwich 10: Andrew Boff responds

Andrew Boff is the second of the London Mayoral Primary candidates to answer the Greenwich 10.  His answers follow in full.


Should the early morning contra-flow in the Blackwall Tunnel be re-introduced?


Yes. I always favour policies that work and the tidal flow worked. Since it was changed the congestion has become much worse. This is not unlike the situation where congestion was encouraged prior to the introduction of the central London Congestion Charge. Funny that.


How can Greenwich take advantage of its Olympic status to encourage healthier lifestyles amongst the borough's residents?


The best way for Boroughs to encourage healthy lifestyles is to boost participation rates for sport. We need to protect and increase the number of parks, pitches and small community centres so that every child can walk to a sports facility, not a just develop massive "flag ship" centres that you have to drive to. The Olympics should not be an event which only serves to enhance the careers of politicians while local sport suffers.


How do you evaluate the success or otherwise of the rollout of Safer Neighbourhood Teams across Greenwich?


Safer neighbourhoods are a successful idea but need strengthening. The consistency of PCSO performance is key and I want to see them have more responsibilities and better training. I also want to see the size of the teams doubled.


Do you think the current type of new housing units being built in Greenwich is right for the borough?


 Greenwich needs family housing, not one- and two-bedroom high rise flats. As Mayor I will direct housing money into building communities, not dormitories.


South East London is poorly served by public transport. How would you address this issue?


 Investment in non-central London services is vital. The current priority is to ferry people in and out of Central London. The services outside the central area will be at the top of the transport agenda of my Mayoralty.


Do you think the proposal to have a Congestion Charge zone in Greenwich is a good idea or not?


 I believe in local people taking local decisions. It's up to Greenwich. If I lived in Greenwich, however,  I would oppose it. Residents should be aware that the central Lodnon Congestion Charge has proved to be the most expensive way of preventing congestion and hasn't met its original objectives.


How will you address the safety concerns of Greenwich residents travelling late at night on our buses?


 Buses seem to be turning into a playground for teenagers with the incentive of free passes for young people. We need to restore conductors or a uniformed presence on buses.


Do you think the decantation of the Ferrier Estate has been handled well by Greenwich Council?


 No. Greenwich are walking all over the Leaseholders on the estate. They need a like for like compensation for their properties. They have been like the worst sort of slum landlord and intimidated residents.


Would you support the construction of the Thames Gateway bridge as currently proposed?


 All new infrastructure needs to have local support and address a local need. The current plans acheive neither. Infrastructure developments should aim to enhance the quality of life of local communities, not sacrifice them on the altar of some bureacrat's aim of "economic development".


Do you think Greenwich gets value for money from the mayor’s precept?


Not at all. The precept has increased from £123 to £304 (atBand D) which has resulted in a growth in bureacracy. Livingstone wants to build an empire and scarcely a fraction of the increase has gone on services. Under a Boff Mayoralty it will reduce and my record in Local Government proves I can do it.