The Cutty Sark must rise again

Greenwich Conservatives have pledged their support to efforts to restore the Cutty Sark after the devastating fire that damaged the ship early this morning.  The fire is thought to be suspicious, and police are investigating.


 Cllr Nigel Fletcher, Greenwich Conservatives' spokesman for Culture, visited the site in the hours after the fire to see the damage for himself and discuss the situation with representatives of the Cutty Sark trust. 


Speaking afterwards, he said, 'It's a heartbreaking sight for anyone who loves Greenwich and our maritime heritage.  Clearly the Trust are very upset, but they are taking comfort from the fact it could have been much worse.  A lot of the timbers had been removed for the restoration project, and the damage to the remainder is not total.

"What make the whole thing worse is that the circumstances point to it having been started deliberately.  There are no words to describe the disgusting vandals if that turns out to be true. 

"The restoration project will now obviously need significant extra resources, and I hope the public and other organisations in London will come to the Cutty Sark's rescue at her time of greatest need.  I have spoken to the Labour Cabinet Member for Culture and pledged the Opposition's support for any efforts the Council makes to help raise funds.  This is not a party issue, and I hope the whole Council will unite to save our Borough's flagship.  The Cutty Sark must rise again.