Reporting Back: Alex Wilson on Human Resources and IT:

As we start the second municipal year in this cycle, lead spokesmen of the Conservative Group are going to report back to the public on what they had been doing and the key areas they had covered this year. Over the next few days we will publish their reports.


Our first report is from Cllr Alex Wilson, Lead Spokesman on Human Resources and IT


Since May I have held meetings with both the director of HR and also with the UNISON representatives in Greenwich. From these meetings it became clear that Greenwich has been failing its staff, and ultimately its residents.  By dragging its feet with the legal obligation to bring in pay harmonisation Greenwich has become uncompetitive and is struggling to  find the best staff in the local area, which has in turn reduced the service offered to local residents.

Secondly I have taken a special interest in the Council's IT system after its repeated failings have impacted on the work of the Council.  These failings have been covered in the local press. The Labour Council have recently signed a new contract with a major IT firm to provide all the Councils IT services, however it would appear that this contract has already seen failings in both competitiveness and delivery.

Finally one other area of concern has been the number of temporary staff employed to work in the council. As we all know full-time staff are more productive than temps and it is only by reducing the number of temps that the council can hope to improve departments such as Cleansweep.



If you have questions, please get in touch and we will do our best to answer them.