Greenwich Council among worst performers in country

Local Conservatives are calling for Labour Councillors to apologise to the public, after an independent review of the council's performance showed it to be among the worst in the country.


The Best Value Performance Review, looked at various measures across England, from education to street cleaning, and compared how well Greenwich is doing against other council's over the last year.

It found that over half of performance indicators for Greenwich were below average and over a third of all the measures tested put the council among the worst in the country  - in the bottom 25%.

Leader of the Conservative group Cllr Spencer Drury (pictured right) said,  "This is a disgraceful and shameful mess.  Inspectors found that on ten of the key indicators, Greenwich had either not improved for two years or was actually getting worse. These are important measures like how clean our streets are.  The auditors were also "particularly concerned" that Greenwich was so bad, that even a small improvement would still leave the council below average.

"It worries me that the council is still doing so badly on areas that really matter to the people of this borough like education, disabled access, quality of council houses, graffiti and street cleaning.  Yet I bet you haven't heard an apology or an explanation from Labour about it?. Infact quite the opposite: it re-elected its leadership on huge salaries, despite this enormous failure.

"This is thirty years of a Labour Council, which may now boast it's improving but it's starting from such a low base that any improvements still leave us in this terrible position.

"I think, Labour hoped no one would notice these figures, so it would not be apparent how badly it was doing. The council needs to be honest about our current performance and how it intends to reach the levels of excellence that we all deserve."