Petition Launched against McDonalds All-Night Trading

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate David Gold has joined forces with Eltham North councillor Spencer Drury to oppose an application by McDonalds to extend trading in Eltham High Street to 3am Sunday to Thursday and to 5am Fridays and Saturdays. 


Their petition generated nearly 150 signatures in just two hours at the weekend from concerned local residents.


Commenting on his blog, David Gold said, "I respect their right to trade on our High Street.  However, someone needs to stand up for local residents who already have to contend with late night noise and litter strewn all over the pavements (and in their gardens) which has to be cleared up at their expense.  Not one person who answered their door said they were aware of the proposal and they live within a few minutes walk of the premises.  I’m sure Greenwich Council have done all they are obligated to do in terms of publicising the application, but as a major multi-billion pound organisation, perhaps McDonalds would do well to find a bit of cash to engage with the community in which it trades, rather than keeping its plans all but a secret.

“While we’re at it, perhaps they’d like to fund some new litter bins beyond their own front door - and some additional staff to clear the mess their customers leave behind.”

Councillor Drury will be handing the petition to Greenwich Council.  Any local residents who wish to oppose the application can contact Yvonne Edwards at Greenwich Council in writing by 27 March.  Alternatively, they can add their name to the petition by visiting 74 Westmount Road, Eltham between 9am and 12:30pm Monday to Friday.