Consultation of Ferrier residents launched

A major consultation of leaseholders and tenants of the Ferrier Estate, earmarked for demolition, has been launched by Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham David Gold, following his visit with Shadow Cabinet Minister Caroline Spelman in December.


Survey forms covering the process of clearing the Estate as well as transport, healthcare provision, shopping facilities and crime started dropping on doormats over the weekend.  David intends to make the results of his consultation public in a matter of weeks.

The consultation is the largest undertaken by a political party in recent times and is in response to complaints from residents that Greenwich Council have been ignoring the wishes of residents who do not wish to be moved and cannot afford to find equivalent accommodation elsewhere based on offers made so far.

David Gold said, “The tactics used by Greenwich to pressure residents to move would shame any private landlord.  That a local authority is getting away with such behaviour is shameful.  Since I visited the Estate with the Shadow Minister I have received many grateful calls and emails from residents who have thanked me for taking an interest in their plight, because they feel nobody listens. 

“On my subsequent visits I have spoken to many leaseholders who are being pressurised to accept pathetically low sums in exchange for their homes.  It would be impossible for people to buy anywhere else in London, let alone locally.  I want to hear from all residents, whether leaseholders or tenants.  All their information will be held in confidence, but will enable me to raise their grievances with Greenwich and to take them to the Shadow Minister who will challenge the Minister to intervene.”

All residents should receive their survey form by the end of January.  Any who do not can call David Gold on 020 8850 2880 for one to be sent.