Sort It! You can live life for less

David Gold today added his support to the new Sort-it website which includes lots of money saving ideas to reduce the cost of living in an ever more expensive Britain.  


David commented : "Gordon Brown says inflation is 2.7% but many residents in the Eltham constituency have seen their bills rocket much faster than that. Huge hikes in Council Tax, fuel bills, petrol, food shopping and now mortgages are pushing people close to the brink. Few people I speak to are celebrating similar rises in salaries.  This website gives sound advice on cutting fuel bills, cheaper places to shop and what to do if you feel you've been ripped off."



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Life is expensive and the cost of living is increasing faster than our salaries, making our pockets feel ever emptier. Conservatives are concerned that the Government are not doing enough to help. On Monday, David Cameron called for competition authorities to investigate the utility companies  who, despite a recent fall in the wholesale price of gas, have failed to pass the benefits on to their customers.


David said, “In their complacency over the economy, the Government have neglected the working people of Britain, who try to provide for themselves and their families but find it is increasingly difficult to do so. They want a Party that will fight for them and keep the cost of living down.  They want a Party that will work with them to get their quality of life up. Today, it is the Conservative Party that is making sure that their voices are heard.
"For vulnerable groups, such as pensioners, who spend relatively more on council tax and fuel, the cost of living is rising even faster. And with inflation running higher than average pay rises, real take-home pay is falling.”


Click here to visit the website, which has been updated with links to sites that can help you “live life for less”.