Gold condemns NHS bankruptcy at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The Conservative parliamentary spokesman for Eltham, David Gold, has accused the Government of "criminal neglect" following the news that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is expected to be overspent by £37.1 million by the end of the year, bringing the cumulative total deficit to £65.3 million by the end of March.   


Speaking to an audience of pensioners yesterday afternoon, he said "effectively, the hospital is bankrupt.    After so many rises in tax on the basis that they were to pay for the NHS, all we see at Woolwich is cut after cut after cut.   It is nothing short of criminal neglect and the Labour government must act quickly to prevent yet further cuts at our local hospital.   Lives are at risk."


David Gold launched an NHYes campaign at the hospital on 2 December and has taken his campaign across the Eltham constituency.   Thousands of leaflets have been delivered and already David Gold has received heartbreaking stories from people who have been let down by the local NHS.   But David does not blame hard pressed staff for the failures.  


David said, "The overwhelming majority of staff in the NHS are nothing short of miracle workers.    They are dedicated people who are under constant threat of cutbacks, even redundancy thanks to the Government's ineptitude.   Too much time is spent on meeting political targets set by faceless bureaucrats in Westminster while in Woolwich people are fighting infections caught in dirty hospitals or waiting months for essential procedures.   After a decade of Labour rule and billions in extra funding this is what we have to show for it."


David Gold said he was committed to preserving the best parts of the NHS but said he feared there is so much disillusion it will be difficult to recruit good medical staff in the future.    He also said he was concerned by reports that hospitals were being forced to cut back yet again, and that frontline medical staff are likely to be the target of the accountants.   


 He invited people who have experienced problems securing appropriate medical care to get in touch with him directly by email : or by telephoning 020-8850-2880 to arrange for him to meet them in confidence.