Shadow Secretary listens to Ferrier residents

The Shadow Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government, Caroline Spelman MP, was today visiting the Ferrier Estate with Parliamentary Candidate David Gold and local Conservative councillors.


The Shadow Cabinet Minister and David Gold met with representatives of the leaseholders as well as residents left in a rapidly deteriorating apartment block.   They saw for themselves how Greenwich Council has wilfully allowed the estate to deteriorate.   Broken windows, graffiti, rubbish which has built up over a long time and security cameras which do not work are just some of the conditions in which residents are forced to raise families.  


In addition they were shown the children’s playgrounds which were never opened because they failed to meet health and safety requirements even before they were finished.   Later they saw for themselves the first floor apartments that have had windows removed to expose them to the elements and vermin, causing considerable damage to adjacent owner-occupied properties.

The visit marked the launch of a massive consultation programme being launched by the Conservatives to overcome the lack of in-depth consultation carried out by Greenwich Council.   The Council is Labour controlled and the local councillors are also Labour.

Speaking after their visit, David Gold commented, “It is disgusting and inhumane that people are forced to live in these conditions whilst Greenwich Council pay lip service to the idea of consultation.   We were told of a 12 year old boy forced to flee in fright after being threatened by a group of youths; we met a woman who was burgled twice who cannot now get insurance; and we were told of people who feel they are being forced out by methods last used by Rackman.   These people are decent law abiding members of a close knit community.   They deserve a lot better.   It’s time their voices are properly heard.”

Following the visit Caroline Spelman pledged her support and has offered to assist residents with a number of specific issues that were requested during her meetings.



David Gold, Caroline Spelman MP, Gerry McWilliams (Ferrier Leaseholders Chairman)

and Cllr Eileen Glover