Cabinet member's response is full of bull

Greenwich Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Cllr Maureen O’Mara, is to be nominated for the Plain English Campaign’s Golden Bull award for gobbledygook.


When asked by Kidbrooke with Hornfair Cllr Andy Jennings at this month’s Council meeting what precautions were being taken to ensure that excessive weed growth was not repeated next year, Cllr O’Mara stated:

“The Council is in the process of reviewing the management and performance of its street services.  A Performance Management and Management Project Team has been set up within the service to introduce improved performance management systems. Supervisors will be assisted to improve their performance management so that a consistent approach is achieved”

Cllr Jennings (pictured, right) said, “I asked a straightforward question and had hoped for a straightforward answer.  Instead, I received an unintelligible response that would have made Sir Humphrey Appelby proud.

“Residents want to know what the Council is actually going to do to stop weeds growing to a height in excess of three feet next summer.  I would have asked a supplementary question for clarification but the mayor had shamefully let the cabinet off the hook by moving Members questions to the end of the meeting and then closing the meeting before the business could be considered”.