Gold criticises abolition of free English lessons

Eltham’s Conservative parliamentary candidate, David Gold, has criticised a Government decision to abolish free English lessons for immigrants just 5 years after David Blunkett introduced them.   It was claimed the rising demand made them too expensive.  

Following a neighbourhood meeting in Shooters Hill, organised by David Gold to discuss community issues, he said , “This is crazy.   The Government said it was a priority for people wishing to settle in the UK to learn English, something I would agree with.   They then lose control of immigration and cancel the free lessons because of rising cost.  

"All this at a time when there is a national debate about integration.   How can legitimate settlers in this country integrate if they don’t learn English?   It should be compulsory, not voluntary.   It just proves the Government has lost touch with what ordinary people are thinking.”
The issue of immigration and integration was one of many issues raised at David Gold’s meeting in Shooters Hill, the first of a series he is holding between now and January in wards across the Eltham constituency.   Hundreds of people have been contacted and those unable to attend one of the meetings are sent a survey form to complete and return.