Crossrail not to stop at Woolwich

After the House of Commons Select Committee suggested that CrossRail should have a station at Woolwich the Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander has stated that the cost is too great and so Woolwich is not going to see CrossRail, even though they say there is a "strong case" for it.


The CrossRail project which would see modern rail infrastructure built from the far east of London to as far west as Maidenhead in Berkshire would "provide exceptional value for money" according to the House of Commons Select Committee. The project should be completed by 2020 and would cost £16bn in total. To put a station in at Woolwich it is anticipated that it would cost £270m according to the Dept of Transport.  Given that over £750m is going towards the Woolwich regeneration scheme this does not seem to be "joined up government."

"Whilst the CrossRail project would mainly benefit Woolwich it would also help the whole of the borough of Greenwich," says Blackheath Westcombe Cllr Alex Wilson. He continues, "Given the scale of investment and the fact that improved transport is the key to any regeneration it defies believe that the government has decided to ignore the select committee and not invest in a CrossRail stop at Woolwich.

"After almost 10 years of Labour being in power nationally they don't even listen to the local Labour party in one of the safest seats for them in the country, this must show that Labour isn't working for the people of Greenwich." says Opposition Leader Cllr Spencer Drury who signed a letter last year requesting that CrossRail come to Woolwich.

Under the last Conservative Government the decision was made to extend the Jubilee line to make North Greenwich station, this has proved to be a much needed transport link for the borough to the centre of London, the question must be asked why isn't CrossRail coming to Woolwich?