Council IT systems failing Greenwich

Due to under investment and bad management in the Council IT system, which is the backbone of any modern organisation, the benefits system has crashed and has seen home workers forced to go back to the offices and use a paper system. This has left people unable to get access to their benefits and potentially see them out on a limb.



Cllr Spencer Drury, leader of the opposition, has said,  "We're already in a state of chaos. How on earth will the council manage to fulfil its modernisation pledges if the IT system isn't even coping?"

Cllr Alex Wilson who is opposition spokesman for Human Resources and Organisation Development said ""Because of the council's inability to manage and, over the years, invest in the IT network we have now seen it all come crashing down around our ears. Residents who are making a new benefit claim are being left out on a limb.

"I think we need to know exactly how many people this has affected so we know where we stand in terms of getting things back on track. I'd imagine hundreds of people will have been put out by this."

The Labour Council has recently started a new contact with a major IT company to provide all the Council's IT requirements for the next eight years, this started at the end of 2005. Because of the previous underinvestment there is a potential for more problems like this to arise.