David Gold responds to the Prime Minister

The Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham, David Gold, made the following statement in response to the Prime Minister's announcement that he will resign in the next 12 months:


"This comes not a moment too soon.   I am sure the people of Eltham and in most other parts of the country will be relieved that Tony Blair has accepted the need to leave public office.   However, his determination to cling to power for as long as another twelve months risks inflicting serious damage on the country and will paralyse government.

"The last week has seen the Labour Party tearing itself apart and has clearly failed to grip the issues they were elected to address.   While Labour Ministers and MPs are attacking one another, people in Eltham continue to live in fear of violent crime, suffer extensive delays in receiving treatment at the local hospital, endure unacceptable chaos on public transport and pay higher taxes than for a generation.   Many in Eltham live in slum housing, cannot afford ever increasing energy bills and struggle on State pensions.   We need a government fit to tackle these problems and it is never more apparent that Tony Blair and his team are not fit for purpose."