Kidbrooke Councillors want to restore local sports field

It can’t have escaped the notice of most Kidbrooke residents about the appalling state of the Hervey Road Sports Ground. At a time when Greenwich is putting itself forward as one of the host boroughs for the 2012 Olympics, it is nothing short of a disgrace that existing facilities that the Council run are left to a ruinous state of disrepair.


Whilst the pitches are used, albeit infrequently, the basketball and tennis courts together with what seem to be cricket nets have been abandoned. The fence around the field is unattractive and not fit for purpose - large gaps are easy to get through, and residents have seen youths breaking through to ride illegal mini motorbikes on the pitch.


Cllr Andy Jennings (pictured below) is furious: “When we went down to the sports ground we found easy to get in through the fence.  Once inside we found evidence of extensive grafitti, flytipping and drug usage. What used to be attractive and valuable facilities for residents to use have been left to ruin.”





Fellow Cllr Graeme Coombes (above) is also unimpressed: “At a time when we are trying to tackle a worrying increase in obesity in our children, it seems irresponsible of the Council not to properly maintain local sporting facilities. As a former basketball player myself, I cannot see how we will produce the stars of the future, by denying them the opportunities to take part in sport locally.”

The main users of the ground seem to be dog owners who let their pets foul on the pitches without clearing up. Rumours are rife in the local community that the Council has plans to relocate a school from the east of the borough to this site.

Andy and Graeme want to see action before it’s too late.  The space should be restored as decent proper public sporting facilities, or at the very least should be turned into a proper park accessible to all.

In the Council’s own Green Space Strategy it states:


“The successful Olympic bid represents a unique opportunity to widen and increase participation in sport for all the borough’s residents regardless of ability, age, gender or race ... these aspirations require quality outdoor provision to cater for all those who take part in sporting activity”

“We aim to improve the quality of our sports pitches and facilities to make them more accessible and increase their availability for use”

Hervey Road is one of only nine outdoor sports facilities owned by the borough. Andy and Graeme will be presenting a petition to Council demanding the restoration of Hervey Road Sports Ground under the terms of the Council’s own strategy.

If you want to see this area preserved as proper green open space, sign the petition, or you can email your support to Please include your name and address.