Firepower museum in cash crisis

Conservatives have expressed concern over the future of the Firepower museum in Woolwich, after it was revealed that the attraction is in serious financial difficulties. 


Cllr Nigel Fletcher, Greenwich Conservatives' spokesman for Culture, raised the issue at a meeting of Greenwich Council this week, following a report which had showed the museum is experiencing ‘cash flow problems’ and ‘considerable financial difficulties’.

The Council this week approved an emergency grant of more than £100,000 to keep the museum going whilst a financial rescue plan is drawn up.

At the meeting on Wednesday, Cllr Fletcher (pictured right) asked for reassurance that the Council would do all it could to safeguard the future of Firepower, and was told by Council Deputy Leader for Regeneration, Cllr Peter Brooks, that he was ‘very keen’ that this should happen.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Fletcher said, "Many people will be very concerned to hear that Firepower is in financial trouble.  It is an important part of the Borough’s cultural heritage, and we cannot afford to let it close.  I am pleased to hear that the Council are providing support during this difficult period, and hope a more long-term solution will also soon be found”.


Firepower Museum