London MEPs hit campaign trail in Kidbrooke

Syed Kamall MEP and Dr Charles Tannock MEP joined Andy Jennings, Jackie Doyle-Price and Graeme Coombes for the local election campaign in Kidbrooke with Hornfair yesterday.  Visiting the Evelyn, Brook and Corelli Estates our two MEPs spent time talking to voters who felt let down by Labours shameful neglect of the area over the past four years.


Andy Jennings said, "It was great to see our Members of the European Parliament here in Kidbrooke.  The consistent message that has come back to us on the doorstep is that people want to live in a cleaner, safer Kidbrooke.  They are sick of paying through the back teeth and feeling that they get nothing in return".


Jackie Doyle-Price added, "It's not rocket science.  A Conservative council will pay for more police officers in this area to combat crime and anti-social behaviour and make sure that the streets are kept clean and vandals don't get away with blighting our community with graffiti".