Harry Potter more like Lord Voldemort

Middle Park and Sutcliffe Lib Dem Councillor Harry Potter again made his position clear on the use of ASBOs (Anti Social Behaviour Orders) at the last Council meeting.

So unlike JK Rowling's most popular character, Cllr Potter would rather see residents walking around their own community in fear than address the issue of anti social behaviour, as the use of ASBOs and dispersal zones which they believe are ‘unnecessary’ and may ‘infringe the civil liberties’ of those who terrorise the vulnerable members of the community.

These yobs not only victimise the most vulnerable members of the community, but they are also responsible for the huge amount of graffiti and vandalism within the area.

Conservative candidate for Middle Park and Sutcliffe, Ryan Acty said,  "Blackheath Park and Sutcliffe have been plagued by great numbers of incidents of anti-social behaviour. After 35 years of controlling the Council, Labour have failed to deal with these issues, and during a walk about we recorded dozens of examples of graffiti on shop windows, bus stops along with private property.

"Your Lib Dem Councillors have squandered their  opportunity to make a difference to your estate, and also to the residents there. The Conservatives vow that we will not let people down like Labour and the Lib Dems have. We will report all incidents of vandalism where ever we find it and ensure that action is taken".