Buses for the Brook Campaign

A major concern of residents on the Brook Estate in Kidbrooke is the poor bus service, specifically:

• The 286 is the only bus on Rochester Way;
• It does not keep to its timetable;
• There is no direct service to the hospitals;
• Bus fares have increased by 25% this year.


Your Local Conservatives share these concerns and Jackie Doyle-Price and Andy Jennings put it to the test by setting up the Great Hospital Race.

Starting off in Sladebrook Road, Jackie and Andy decided to see who could get to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital first: Jackie by bus and Andy on foot.


After 5 minutes: Jackie had made it to the bus stop on Rochester Way and was waiting for the bus. Andy had set off towards Flintmill Crescent and took the pathway through to Mayday Gardens

After 10 minutes: Jackie had boarded the 286 bus towards Blackheath, Andy was walking up Corelli Road.

After 15 minutes: Jackie arrived at the Blackheath Standard and was waiting for the 386 bus; Andy had made it to Shooters Hill Road.




After 20 minutes: Jackie was still waiting for the 386; Andy was in sight of the hospital by Woolwich Common.

After 25 minutes: Andy reached the hospital and phoned Jackie to find out where she was. Jackie was stuck on the bus.

After 30 minutes: Andy was still waiting for Jackie.

After 35 minutes: A bus arrived: sadly Jackie wasn’t on it.



After 37 minutes: Jackie finally arrived at the hospital - a journey that would have taken just 5 minutes by car (if you can find a parking space!) or, as Andy proved, 25 minutes on foot.

People who live on the Brook Estate should be able to get to places they want to go on a reliable, cheap bus service.

It cost Jackie £3 to get from the Estate to the Hospital - and it would have cost another £3 to get back, but she decided to walk back with Andy instead. Had she been attending for treatment, she may not have been able to.

Andy said, “Ken’s Transport for London is responsible for this poor service. Residents of the Brook Estate pay their Council Tax like everyone else. Many of us depend on public transport. We deserve better than this”.

Jackie added, “You’d expect to be able to get to your local hospital more easily than this. This is only one example: residents complain they can’t get directly to Lewisham. And with no tubes in this area our bus services should be better”.

Jackie and Andy are determined to take this up with the transport bigwigs at City Hall. You can help by signing up to our petition for better bus services for the Brook Estate. We need as many names from the Estate as possible so email your support to: office@greenwichconservatives.com

 Jackie and Andy will then present your petition to Transport for London.