Manifesto - Public before Press

We do not believe that the amount spent on press and publicity by the Council represents the best use of resources for the people of this borough.


 In addition, we note that the District Auditor’s Letter 2004-2005 gives the Council a 2 out of 4 rating for ‘Value for money’ and states that: “overall costs are relatively high when compared with other London boroughs”.

We are given to believe that the total amount of spending on press and publicity is £1,947,700.

We believe that this almost £2 million on self-publicity and spin is not a worthwhile use of taxpayers money. In pure cost of publication, not the time taken by officers or others to produce articles for it, Greenwich Time is expected to cost £318,000 in 2005/06.

A Conservative Council would reallocate this money to six extra police officers and five Cleansweep operatives.

While we appreciate there are some items which the Council has to publish, statutory documents, planning notices, plans and so on, we simply do not believe that the current level of spending is justified and after abolishing Greenwich Time would look to halve the spending on press and publicity in the borough.

This means that of the remaining £1,629,700 budget, we would retain £814,850 for spending on essential publications for the Council and reduce the Council Tax bill for residents by £814,850.

We believe that the residents of this borough have had enough of the excessive spin of the Labour Council and we will focus on delivering real improvements, not putting out glossy leaflets to attempt to persuade people things are getting better.