Manifesto - Community Services

One thing this Labour Council is good at is setting strategies and talking about them. However reality shows that after over 35 years in power they are failing residents, especially those more vulnerable such as Older people and children.


Greenwich is a one star authority in Adult Services, and our Neighbourhood Services are becoming all the more remote and run in the interest of the provider rather than the user, as the Council seek to centralise provision.

Conservatives believe a radical new approach is needed to drive improvements in social and neighbourhood services. All local authorities work in partnership with other statutory and voluntary sector organisations. Conservatives want to take partnership working to the next stage.


A Conservative Council will:

  • abolish the Social and Neighbourhood Services directorates;
  • create a new department called Community Services that would take on the health, social care and housing responsibilities of the authority, creating a fully inter grated and holistic approach to service provision;
  • seek full integration with the PCT and voluntary sector, contracting out services to these organisations;
  • invest in creating permanent Market Place venues that would bring together benefits and housing advice, the police neighbourhood team, the PCT, voluntary providers and learning resources such as libraries under one roof, situated within local communities. These centres would act as a catalyst for regeneration and community renaissance.