Vote blue and go green

Quality of life matters as well as quantity of money. Recycling, clean streets, energy efficiency, tackling noisy neighbours – all of these things improve our environment and communities. By taking action locally we can help tackle the global challenge of climate change.


Individuals, communities, voluntary organisations and local councils all have a role to play – central government cannot do it alone. Conservative councils are greener, cleaner, safer and cheaper.

Greener: Conservative councils have the highest average recycling and composting rates. Our councils dominate the league tables for the best recycling rates in the country, whilst Labour and Liberal Democrats dominate the league tables for the worst results.

Cleaner: Conservative councils have the cleanest streets.

Safer: Conservative councils have helped to create environments with lower levels of crime, including lower levels of alcohol-related crime and vehicle crime.

Cheaper: Conservative councils charge lower council taxes than Labour or Liberal Democrat councils.


On May 4th, vote blue, go green.


You can find out more about the Vote Blue Go Green campaign and can download a document showing examples of cleaner, greener, brighter Conservative Councils.