The case of the mysterious disappearing signs

Residents of Shooters' Hill ward and others who regularly travel up Shooters' Hill may have spotted the recent disappearance of the huge “You’re Nicked II” signs (left) put up by the developers advertising the fact they were turning the old police station into flats and had the Labour Council’s full support.





This is the second time that a sign has disappeared from outside the old police station – during the General Election campaign last year, a For Sale sign (right) disappeared as soon as Conservatives highlighted the fact Labour were selling off our police stations and claiming they really wanted community policing.

This time, the sign was removed as the Council election campaign got under way.  Clearly there is a pattern here and Conservatives would have thought the police should be looking for a repeat offender who believes that the voters of this borough are too stupid to remember that Labour sold off the police station and are in the process of turning into flats. 

Either way, the best way of punishing these cynics is to vote Conservative on May 4th.