Kidbrooke: rising crime and antisocial behaviour

The Kidbrooke Survey has revealed that crime and antisocial behaviour are the biggest worries faced by local residents, with 76% of you stating that rising crime was a major issue of concern in the area.


When asked what you believed would fight local crime, 63% said more police on the beat and 44% want to see zero tolerance for minor offences YET 81% of you said either that you have never seen a police officer on your street or that you couldn’t remember the last time. 

Conservative candidate for Kidbrooke with Hornfair, Jackie Doyle-Price said, “It’s not rocket science, we can’t reduce crime without more police. We will scrap the council newspaper to pay for more beat officers and patrols”.

Over the past year, your local Conservatives have completed the biggest ever survey of Kidbrooke and Hornfair residents.  Almost 500 households in the ward replied. We’ve listened and responded to your concerns, unlike Labour councillors who take your vote for granted.